Harita Nickel Adds Two New Entities for Sustainability and Operational Efficiency

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Harita Nickel Company at Obi Island, South Halmahera, North Maluku/kieraha.com

PT Trimegah Bangun Persada Tbk or Harita Nickel, an integrated and sustainable nickel mining and processing company in Obi Island, South Halmahera, North Maluku, Monday May 27, 2024 announced the establishment of two new entities; PT Bhakti Bumi Sentosa and PT Cipta Kemakmuran Mitra, as part of the company’s strategic initiative to reinforce its commitment toward sustainability and enhance operational efficiency.

Roy Arman Arfandy, President Director of PT Trimegah Bangun Persada Tbk, said, “These two new business units represent significant steps in our strategy to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability. By processing the byproducts into more valuable products, we are not only optimizing our operations but also reinforcing our commitment to environmental management.”

PT Bhakti Bumi Sentosa (BBS) is founded with a focus on enhancing waste management practices. This entity will process the tailings, byproducts of the HPAL process, into economically valuable goods, aligning with the principles of circular economy. By converting production waste into value-added products, PT BBS will contribute to our sustainability goals and operational efficiency. PT Halmahera Persada Lygend (a subsidiary directly owned 45% by PT Trimegah Bangun Persada Tbk) holds 21,026 shares (94.24% ownership), while Hong Kong Blue Whale International Limited holds 1,285 shares (5.76% ownership).

PT Cipta Kemakmuran Mitra (CKM) is established with the objective of improving operational efficiency by producing quicklime, one of the key materials required for the low-grade nickel ore refinery process using High-Pressure Acid Leach (HPAL) technology. This new venture aims to secure a stable and efficient supply of this crucial material, thereby supporting production processes and overall operational effectiveness. PT Trimegah Bangun Persada Tbk holds 4,040 shares (40% ownership), while Hong Kong Blue Whale International Limited holds 6,060 shares (60% ownership). *

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